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Self-Inquiry – the De-constructor of our mental “Blah Blah Blah” – from the teachings of Gary Weber

Was reading an article about how some folks who practice “mindfulness” techniques actually end up having their “inner dialogue” getting louder and louder instead of quieting down, and having that “blah blah blah” get them down…… all those negative thoughts that “just won’t shut off”.(How in the world can we shut that damned thing off!)
Gary Weber, a wonderful teacher of non-duality, speaks of self-inquiry as the missing link in the process of finding inner peace. While many folks practice something which can help bring inner peace, the storylines which run inside their head are not dealt with by that practice, and can cause a hindrance to their practice which can lead to them giving up on those important inner life practices.

Well, we know everyone has issues, which have built up from their childhood experiences etc, and many of these issues are extremely difficult to deal with, as many of them are so deep in the subconscious that we may not even know they are there…. so deep that it is near impossible for any “exterior” therapist to deal with them…..

Except for when they erupt! (Ah Ha!)

It is right at the point where “emotional reactions” show themselves, that we can practice the art of self-inquiry.

Gary Weber demonstrates how neuroscience has proven out two networks…. and we are generally living in one or the other…..

The “DMN” or Default Mode Network of the brain, is responsible for our inner dialogue…. and this feedback loop of (often negative) dialogue can ramp up, and “gang up” on a person with negative thoughts, which morph into negative feelings, which then can spin a person down a depression vortex (so to speak).

The other brain function Gary speaks of is the TPN or Task Positive Network. This network is where we “live” when the brain is busy with tasks. Ever notice how time passes differently when we are “fully enveloped” in what we are doing? So even when we fully immerse ourselves in a video game, or work, etc, the DMN shuts down and leaves us alone…. for a period of time….then the blah blah blah begins again…..

Self-inquiry can “de-construct” the storylines the DMN spins, by us consciously going thru the process of asking into the storyline, asking how true the storyline is, asking if the storyline can be “let go of”, and then experiencing our “body/mind” release its hold……

By learning this practice (the missing piece of the puzzle) , those storylines which have controlled our mind for so long, gradually are de-constructed, and their control over us is lifted to where the Task Positive Network can function without all that inner dialogue disturbing our peace.

i had given up on finding “a practice that really works”….. until i discovered self-inquiry. Its like the garbage disposal of the mind. 🙂

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