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Blaming Religion – a new fad

Many folks thrive on pointing the finger at things outside themselves…… in all directions except for where the problem really lies……. a favorite blaming place is religion……Quite frankly, organized religion is just filling an emptiness that folks feel when we have lost the inner sense of fullness. Pointing the finger of “who dunnit first” is FAR too long ago to be pointing fingers with any clarity, that is for sure. And it is still missing the point……We have been taught wrongly, that that empty void inside is due to us having done something wrong, and that we need forgiveness for.But truly, that sense of an empty void, is our inner guide trying to tell us something….., simply telling us that we are reaching out for something that is only found inside. Blaming institutions, other folks, or circumstances is also another form of reaching out… grasping….. and it doesn’t fix anything….Fullness is to found inside each one of us, as our birthright… our inheritance which came innately built in to our body/mind.This relies on nothing outside ourselves, requires no forgiveness, DOES require a change of heart on our part, DOES require that we find time to nurture this plant which we call ourselves.If we don’t listen to our inner guide, then all that is left to do is blame…….

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