How We See the World

Boogeymen… why we need to be rid of them

It is really high time, that the human race dropped our fear of “boogeymen”….. we know that this irrational fear rose from our survival instincts (yikes, that grass over there is moving….. is it a lion that wants to make me his late night snack??)

But it has long infected our imaginations with concepts like “evil incarnate”…. which has come to be known as some sort of force and has visions of red guys with pitchforks… and evil dollies (Chuckie)….. Hollywood uses this to scare the bejesus out of us, and the church uses it to scare Jesus INTO us……

There is no evidence of evil, except in the minds and actions of human beings…. which is also where the concept originated from. (That sounds a bit suspect!)

Good and “evil” are simply more “negative and positive” which is the way we understand the world…. this and that, cold and hot, up and down, in and out, good and bad….. where good and bad are simply the perspective of the viewer…. (bad – i lost 20 bucks… good – wow, i found 20 bucks)

The whole physical universe is built on positive and negative forces, so it is easy to see where this “evil being” stuff arose from……

But the concept of evil as the anti-good, and the concepts derived from it, are well past their expiry date….. (Satan, devil, anti-Christ, the force of evil)

This needs to be replaced by the verifiable terms of “IS” and “IS NOT”.

The ramifications of the concept of Evil are far reaching…. to the extent where we are afraid to trust our own instincts in our lives, because it might be some sort of “Satan’s trickery”, and creates a complete reliance on external things like “a book which is 100% eternally accurate.”

Let’s be free agents!

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