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King Edward Elementary School – Moose Jaw Saskatchewan 1966 – 1967

Mr. Greenshields the vice-principal, and grade 7 math and sciences teacher, was the playground nazi, and Richard and I were wrestling on the playground. Mr. G. told us in no uncertain terms to stop wrestling, so we stopped. As soon as Mr. G. went around the corner, we started again…. When he came back…. well… we got caught redhanded…. and we both got the strap for that. Such a wonderful memory.

Richard Stonechild was a really wonderful young indigenous artist. I am not sure if he continued developing his skills, as we lost contact when i moved away to Summerland B.C. in the summer of 1967. In Grade 6 art class (Ms. Bells class) Richard taught me how to draw his style, and we won 1st place in the Moose Jaw summer art festival.

In grade 7 class, in Mrs. Robertsons class, William Stonechild and i took the refills out of a ballpoint pen, and put an elastic band around the front, put the refill in backwards, and shot it …. it stuck in the ceiling, and promptly started to leak and dripped out onto the desk William was sitting in…. Eunice Assiniboine and Darlene hid their mouths and giggled…. we both got the strap for that. What a wonderful memory.

Also in grade 7, Mr. Greenshields ( a good teacher, but had a bit of a bad temper)…. grabbed me by my ear from my 4th or 5th place in our row, dragged me up to the front desk… my parents almost went to the school to confront them because my ear stuck out awkwardly (hehe) for a week or so… but probably didn’t because “I probably deserved it…. haha!!!) btw, i got “full recommends” in Grade 7, which meant that i got such good grades, that didn’t have to write final exams. so Ms. Dunlop (yikes, another story.. also the main strapper).

Our church, the Free Methodist church, had an “indian mission” with missionaries, Mr. & Mrs. Robertson. Mr Robertson was a farmer in his earlier days, but lost a leg when a metal wheeled tractor rolled over his leg.
They were the operators of the Free Methodist Indian Hostel in Moose Jaw Sask.
I was friends with RIchard and William Stonechild, as they also went to my elementary school. We had been told that their mothers had asked to have them go to that hostel, in order to get away from the “reservation life” they were born on.

Richard and William also had two younger brothers that i knew of. Marvin and Stewart. They all seemed happy and carefree.

I have found, with the help of a friend, the obituaries of Richard and Stewart.

Many times in my life, i have spent regretting falling out of touch with my friends, wishing that we had kept up our friendship. They were true friends. We were friends in school, at church, at summer camp (where we had many adventures…. but that is another story)

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