North American Conservative Evangelicalism

Religious Zeal – North American Evangelicalism (no separation of church and state even intended)

So…. at this point, I am continuing on with my life perspective of being a “watcher”. Watching, gathering information, and standing in a place of no bias.

For myself, to jump in one bandwagon or another has no benefit, and speaks to me ONLY of imbalance.

But at the same time, I am pounding in a stake, as a benchmark, marking this latest development in Christian conservatism in politics.

i sense that this development, combining Trumpian QAnon conspiracy to the mix, might seem like something positive at this point, but with its “full blinders on the horse” and “what i speak is truth, and everything else is false” mentality, i “fear” it will not end up well. (i.e. blow up and be the exact opposite outcome, from what is being expected by this group.)… Egotism filled with Savior complexes do not bring good outcomes. imho.

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