Social Change in the 21st century · What does the Future Hold for Humanity?

Why Only the Worldview “Reality” can save humankind – Part 1

Because all ideologies are essentially “putting a spin on reality”, and because there is no way to have all humans agree on one ideology, the world needs a “Reality (in Society) Party” where the ideology is Reality itself.

The spin focusing on individual rights has put the priority of our societal health in the backseat, and become a rampant self-centered ideology, where ONLY the individual is important.

But, none of us lives in a vacuum, none of us live alone.

Society is all.

In a one person world, there would be no reason for social rules, fences and guidelines.

But other than forest dwellers, human life is now all about living in a society and needing to get along with each other. Society is crucial, and should be front and center in any considerations of fundamental rule making.
On the one hand, this seems to be so common-sensical that it shouldn’t be necessary to even state it, but on the other hand, it is just this common sense which seems to have been lost along the way.

The #1 priority for citizens of a society is to support the societies rules.
Starting from the basic concept of “This is mine and not yours”, society is built on double edged rules which limit all of its citizens from acting harmfully towards each other.
But when these rules become focused solely on “individual rights”, they become very one-sided, where a person expects to be protected, but to not have limitations protecting others from them.

From the citizens point of view (POV), individuals must realize that societies fences are protecting them, as well as their neighbours ( is … or should be, common sense actually).

From the societies POV, to build and maintain a workable functional society, requires that the system building and maintaining those rules, function transparently, honestly and responsibly.

The only way a system like this could be functional as an over-arching worldwide system, is by having all country governments in agreement.

The standard to build upon would be “where World Society health is priority #1”
, and as in the rules which citizens would live by, each individual country must realize that those social fences are protecting them, as well as their neighbours.

Again, this of course requires that the system controlling those social rules functions transparently, honestly and responsibly. The only way for this type of unified effort could work, would be to have individual countries to recognize and agree, that WORLD SOCIETY IS A HIGHER PRIORITY THAN THEIR OWN INDIVIDUAL GOALS.

Until this happens, individuals selfish wants and needs, as well as countries selfish wants and needs, and ideological groups selfish wants and needs, will continue our cyclic history of self-protection, hurt and vengeance… and human social history will inevitably come to an end.

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