One Persons opinion on what is happening in the extreme left movement? What is the drive?

So… in my estimation, the real drive here, is that extreme left folks think that doing something like changing sexuality or gender (or jumping on some other activist bandwagon) , will help them resolve issues inside themselves, and that somehow “coming out” or “acting out” nets them some sort of “sense of being real”, and that they will feel more “complete”. In this persons estimation, these assumptions are all wrong, as we see with folks who have done this, or come out gay etc, and then not having it benefit them what they wanted (not being any more satisfied with a gay or lesbian relationship than they were before… breaking up…. looking for a new partner that will fulfill them better), and in some (perhaps many cases) perhaps even regretting what they have done.

Now, to have children make shifts like this while they are still minors (we know what type of emotional rollercoasters teenagers are on, in a normal day!!) There are going to be alot of messed up individuals….. and in the end, the pendulum will swing too far to the right, and perhaps we end up with a “Handmaid’s Tale” scenario…… truly F**cked up. simple as that. Have to wonder, if they were to be truly honest, if they are living a complete and satisfied life…… but to ask would be homophobic on my part…..

The human FACT is….. nothing OUTSIDE ourselves can get rid of our sense of dis-satisfaction in our lives (or our sense of illegitimacy). This is why i am proposing that “our connection point with “God” is within us in the center of our being.” *1 If we are made this way, (nothing outside us can satisfy) then this assumption must be right. i have come to the conclusion that we “mis-experience” what happens when we have a religious experience (feel completed, or washed clean etc) …. it is an inner thing, with an inner catalyst. For myself, this means, “God” is already there in our inner being…. so then the issue of “sin” is that we block that “God” inside us, and when we stop blocking it, it is there just as it always was, ……. if we block it again, same thing happens, and if we unblock it, it is still there. (“I will never leave you nor forsake you”)

*1 – How this thing we call “God” is experienced inside ourselves is very complicated and is a combination of “What it truly is” with “our lifes environment”. It runs as a deep river inside us, which we experience, but do not understand. In a sense we are fish in the ocean, who experience the ocean, and gain our life from the ocean, but are not capable of understanding the ocean. Because this experiencing is so personal, the concept becomes twisted and unusable when it is “institutionalized” and built into a standard doctrine format.

So what we are seeing in this extreme left movement, is a clamouring for a sense of personal legitimacy by its adherents. They don’t receive that inner sense of legitimacy, so they think it must be something else, and then that doesn’t work, so a new fad emerges (new bandwagon)…. this to me sounds like the “Sodom and Gomorrah” syndrome….. it just gets more and more messed up.

And it is commonly referred to as “sin”.

(Bet this gets me in a flood of trouble…. but then it is just my opinion, and supposedly we are still allowed that)

A note:…. the comment that the left is driven by Marxist concepts seems to fit here….. the struggle (with everything outside us) and everything can be “made right” by resolving those issues in the world. At the end of that road, is disappointment and more issues to be resolved.

We can only find satisfaction and inner completeness inside ourselves.


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