“Is there something missing? Is there more to life?

The first few lyrics from a 1970’s church song……

So…. just askin myself….

What is it that makes us feel that we are incomplete in the first place, and why do we feel a need for something to make us whole? (Like some sort of salvation from sin or an outside guide to freedom) This questioning search path can be very “enlightening”. Is the fact that we need to be the expert on these things, proof that we are trying to make ourselves feel better with spiritual one-up-man-ship? Are we simply perfect in the first place?

Is the body/mind set which each of us is given to go thru this life, an incomplete set? (creators error?) Or are we innately complete, and lose the sense of it in our formative years? It seems that the “parable of the prodigal son” is the story of every man. we begin full and complete, we lose sense of that, and wish to go out searching for something to fix that…. after going wild in our search, and running out of options, we find out that all those things outside ourselves cannot fill that hunger we thought we had …. thru trial and error, we come to a conclusion…… and we realize the mistake, so we begin the road back home, where we had everything we need in the first place. The truth of this is contained in “every step reaching the other shore”. We gradually recognize that we never left…. we had just become confused.

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