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Objectivity and Subjectivity joined = reality

The universe is full of interactive systems, and those who can’t see (refuse to see) the design there, have their eyes firmly shut, bound by some root theorem they believe in (atheism for example). They use that theorem to define themselves and to direct their activities. they make everything they bump into fit their theorem…. not good science.
On the other end of the spectrum, to assume that what we see in the universe equals the God described in the bible or some other scripture is also to have ones eyes firmly shut, believing in some root theorem that defines us and our activities. (creating a sense of safety in a very dangerous world)

There is something there…. we all see it….. but if that something was readily definable, everyone would agree on the same storyline.

I like to call that “universe building” something:

“the reality behind the face humans put on it”

The stories the various scripture tell us, is that humans have some sort of inner connection with that reality …. kind of like an umbilical cord…. and we must look inward to our connection with it.

In fact, that looking inward, and “re-discovering” our connection is what we are all looking for.

This can take the objective thing we see in the universe (“outside”), use our subjective search (“inside”) to connect with it….. and join them into a whole. To me, this makes sense of the experiences we read about in the scriptures. The various human definitions of this reality fall pitifully short when they try to turn their experiences into a book that sells…..

Blessings in your inner search.

“What we truly desire from life is found using an open mind, and the right set of questions, not a bunch of answers that come to our door in an pre-packaged box”. 🙂

In response to some questions rising from the above:

We all know in our heart of hearts, whether or not the concept we have decided to believe in, is ACTUALLY fulfilling our inner needs (making the connection with reality). Only we ourselves can honestly answer the question “how is that going for you?”

The answers can’t be found in a book… any book… they can only be found by me or you being honest with ourselves, and about what we have found, and if it is working for us.

BTW, i have found that most Christians are not so interested in telling the truth, but rather they are interested in propagandizing the agenda they have been taught to preach. It keeps them busy, and lets them ignore their own hearts needs.

They say “I found God, and He meets all my needs”.

In fact, there is something which we can re-connect to which gives us the fullness we are looking for…. if you have found it, i congratulate you!

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