Cutting to the Chase - Getting to the bottom of things

What is Reality and what is vain imaginings?

here is reality:

wake up in the am,

quiet attentive time,

morning chores,

be attentive to those around you, and help them to live in reality
(the data collected by our 5 senses and organized by our brain/nervous system)

always be doing the task that is in front of you

keep in mind “i know nothing” so as not to get the feet too far off the ground.
This keeps us from spinning off into rabbit trails of vain imaginings. Remember “Our mind will play tricks with us until the cows come home”.

When we become aware that we have strayed from these simple things, push reset and get back to the present via the 5 senses.

“If you would walk the highest way, do not reject the sense domain, for as it is, whole and complete, this sense world IS enlightenment”.

The present is never anywhere else but right here, right now.

Humans are 3 things: being, doing and urge

Attention attention attention

Stay on track.

Back to work.

Why do i say this?

It is our vain imaginings which bring us suffering. We lose ourselves in a vicious circle of sticky thoughts. Sticky thoughts lead to more sticky thoughts.

Is there something conscious, unconscious or subconscious that keeps eating at you?

Inquire into it. Resolve it, then continue your day.

Always stay in the present with the 5 senses and attention right here……

Vain imaginings get us stuck, and we begin to spin.
If a dog does this, we would consider it to be sick.

“To founder in vain imaginings is nothing but the humans mind’s disease.”

If one has eyes, let them use them to watch.
If one has ears, let them use them to listen.
If one has a nose, let them use it to smell.
If one has a tongue, let them use it to taste.
If one has skin and nerves, let them use it to sense and feel.

This is reality. Reality is what Dharma means.

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