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Natural Law and Societal Law

i have been struggling for quite some time with the question of how a set of laws could be set up that could govern all of humankind justly and fairly.

Natural Law which governs all living beings, must be tempered with the social concepts which have been evolved by humankind.

There is no question that as the human race moves forward, it will move more and more in the direction of globalism, with its larger and larger groups and larger cities.

The problem with globalism is that humankind has evolved from a kaleidoscope history from pure survival, thru basic societies and cultures, to a place currently, where all the various societies and cultures are being tossed together into a melting pot. Somehow this was supposed to happen “naturally” in a happy and peaceful way…. but it has not.

Humankind…. or lets use a shorter word….. “ren” (which is the Chinese word for humans, without any sort of differentiation of male or female) ….. Ren is purely a physical animal, which has evolved to the most cognitive state of all the evolved things in the universe…. that we know of to date.

At the root of our “being”, we have a DNA system which builds each individual with the specifications incorporated into its stemcell, or its beginner cells: a blueprint and timeline built into that cells structure.

So, to begin, we see the basic physical and psychological “rules” which are also built in to that cell structure: the human body.

In a separate document, i have laid out what i see as how this whole mechanism came into being in a very rudimentary format . As i am not a professional scientist, i endeavoured to do this, so that there might be a formal concept of “how everything came into being” that did not rely on an ancient religious story, or on scientific dogma, as both seem to be stuck in a rut and are unable to climb out of it.

see (Oceanic Awareness and how it built the universe from its own substance)

So, we see earliest ren, beginning in a world of kill or be killed… kill to eat or die.

There was precious little time to sit and consider anything, except for surviving.
(The lowest levels of Maslow’s heirarchy of needs)

But, as groups of ren began to work together, to make a more safe environment, the rudimentary aspects of co-existing,.. or society, started to take shape.

In the beginning(at the root), we have the natural instincts of ren, passed down to us in our DNA package.
We can see these instincts in the biological world of microscopic life, fish, reptiles, animals, birds

Living things: Living things are made of a cell or cells. They obtain and use energy to survive. a singular ability to breed, ability to grow, ability to metabolize, ability to reply to stimuli, ability to adapt to the environment, ability to maneuver and last but not the smallest amount a capability to breathe.”
as opposed to:

Non-living things:A non-living thing is the  anything which  was never in the  alive mode. so as for something to be classified as living, it must grow and develop, use energy, reproduce, be fabricated from cells, answer its environment, and adapt.

This natural “set of laws” are not something which ren invented or thought up, but rather, they are rules for survival, and are made up from pure physicality “how ren navigates their way in this physical world.”

My mind makes a division of these natural laws and “way”, from two other aspects of ren’s being.

So, first there are the natural laws and way mentioned above, which most all ren agree upon as being the most basic controllers and decision makers.

Second, there is the inner environment which is built upon those “known survival factors”.
This second layer of seeing and knowing is the first layer of subjective awareness, but it is still completely individual, due to the way we are each built (one body with its awareness based on its 5 senses and mind).

Ren are built (along with all living beings) in a particular body, in a particular place, at a particular time in a particular set of circumstances. There is no switching to any other of those things, but,……. that set of circumstances can be modified, depending on the ingenuity and luck of any particular ren.

The third layer (where law becomes necessary), is the society ren builds, to make our “Group” life be more safe, more comfortable, more satisfying.

In the first and second layers of being, there is no reason for laws to be created, as there is only one person to be dealt with.

In the third layer of being, two or more individuals must learn to co-exist (without killing each other).

For there to be any form of co-existing, there must be a rule or set of rules which is put in place for that co-existing to be workable, and not descend into squabbling and killing.

Now, the social rule which grows out of nature is size and strength:…. the largest or the most powerful, gets the best parts of the food, and the pecking order to the last scraps, runs down from the most powerful and its group, to the least important individual.

But early in ren society, the concept of fairness arose (possibly through sharing, as Dr. Jordan Peterson says). This may simply have risen from the most powerful, with a full stomach, needing to listen to the bickering of the rest of the ren over what was whose and who got what.

The most early kings seemed to be tied up largely with the bickering of their clan members over these very issues. That person took this thing, and it is mine….. That person took the big apple, and they are greedy… etc etc etc.


How do we build a set of laws for a larger society, that takes nature into account, while using the ren made social tools of community?….. to provide not only a solid legal society, which keeps ren’s natural and potentially dangerous character in line and provides methods of punishment to keep social order and balance, but also provides an ethical root for responsibility, compassion, love and respect.

What is known as the human condition, has been the same social issue from the beginning.

Ethics was formulated, to try to keep those characteristics in check in a social setting.

The “human condition” is usually stated as the seven vices:

pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth.

Some of these vices may lead to harmful actions towards others, but the human conditions that do create harm are : “words, thoughts and acts…. on account of endless greed anger and ignorance.

So lets look at these three vices and see where they are dealt with in our structure of laws.

Rather lets look at the basis of law in the democratic countries.

Probably the best of these to look at is the American constitution.

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