My WorldView Notes

Concepts i choose to live by – A Developing Worldview List

The Golden Rule – “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”
– Confucius & Jesus

“There is No Truth without Context”
– GS

“Be as harmless as a dove, but as wary as a serpent”
– Jesus

“Borrowed feathers do not grow, in fact they can create an infection”
– Shunryu Suzuki
(We can listen to others ideas, but must grow our own worldview feathers)

“The mind will play until the cows come home”
Never underestimate your minds ability to run down rabbit trails and become fixated
_ Shunryu Suzuki

“Do not practice ways which lead to cynicism, Practice ways which reveal Reality”
– GS

“Fixations of every kind are harmful to the human mind.”
– GS

“Have a way which relaxes your mind back to “Zero”, where all attitudes and opinions fall off, and clean clear Reality can shine thru without our painting things good or bad.
– derived from Xin Xin Ming

“Be open minded, and wholeheartedly accept truth from whatever source it comes from”
This is the basis of mutual respect
– GS

” Clear thinking is the root of human kindness and social order, Extremism, Fanaticism and Fundamentalism are the enemies of clear thinking”
– GS

“Human consciousness is the upgrowth of Oceanic Awareness into its highest physical form to date”
– GS
“Human consciousness is the source of the “I”, and is rooted in the sensory perceptions and their sorting device, the brain/neuro system.”
– GS

“If a person is confused about what level of reality we humans are rooted in, the rock and head method can bring clarity – hit yourself in the head with a rock and see if you bleed. If you bleed, then you are experiencing the physical world, not some twilight zone quantum zone, even though the quantum world underlies this physical world, that is not your experiential sensory world”
– GS

“The physical world (material world) arises from the quantum world (deep nature) and any concepts of “spirit” are actually deep nature.”

“The Physical world/universe, the quantum world which underlies it, and everything that has existence in any form, is PART of the Creator. (and we are not able to explain the Creator, or understand the Creative Force, but we CAN experience this.”
– GS

“There is One Source of all, and we in our limited fashion, experience this as the Creator, with the myriad of faces we put on this to understand in our limited way”
– GS

“Experiencing our deep connectedness with the One Source is paramount, as functional and healthy human society depends on our deep connectedness with the One Source.”
– GS

“We humans are continuously making decisions and choices which will feed either the good wolf, or the bad wolf.”
Each of these choices move us in a direction of either the selfish animal instincts, or human social order. (not always opposites)
– GS

“No Laws, No society”
The absence of rules brings about the absence of society
– GS

“If we do not behave responsibly, and teach our children to do so, then inevitably the governments will grow a system that does this for us.”
– me making a observation

“When looking at a problem, it is best to have a wide view, and look just off to the side of it….. then the movement of the Messerschmidt that is coming to shoot at you will be revealed”
– J W Stewart

“The breath going in and out of the nose, is the “home plate” of life’s baseball field”
We should always be up to bat, hitting, running the bases, getting safely back to home plate.
– GS

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