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Is Meditation Difficult? – Ajahn Brahm

“Is the meditation easy for you? If you hold the view that meditation is difficult, and you are very attached to that idea, then meditation will seem to be difficult. Where did that view come from? Maybe, a long time ago, someone with authority told you that meditation was difficult, you believed them, and that view has stuck. Or, perhaps, you began meditation without clear and accurate instructions, and you found it difficult then. On the basis of such limited experience, you formed the solid view that meditation is difficult. However that view arose, once it is there, it makes meditation difficult! Your attachment to this view twists your perceptions. The only perceptions that make it into full consciousness are those that perceive the difficulties in meditation. Based on those negative perceptions, you think meditation is, in fact, difficult. You, and only you, have just made meditation difficult!

When we have some understanding of what is going on, we might be able to change such a view on meditation. Allow me to brainwash you! Let me convince you that, in spite of who said what, in spite of all your previous lack of success; MEDITATION IS EASY! MEDITATION IS EASY! MEDITATION IS EASY! Let me coach you into believing that you can meditate well. Help me recondition you into believing in your innate ability to meditate well. You have been reborn into a precious human body and are now reading the priceless teachings of Buddhism. You are alive when the Dhamma is thriving and you have met that amazing Dhamma. You are such a rare being. You have worked for lifetimes for such an opportunity as this. With so much going for you already, of course you will be able to meditate well. The fact that you are reading this proves that you have got a huge store of good kamma supporting you. Other people, much less able than you, have attained Jhāna, so why not you? Once, with my help, you have concocted a positive view of your ability in meditation – hey presto – you perceive only success in meditation and you think only success in meditation. You have just made meditation easy! You have opened the door to tranquillity, inner bliss and the Jhānas. Try it! ”

Source: BÃHIYA´S TEACHING – in the Seen is just Seen


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