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The Heart Sutra – Prajna Paramita

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Begins with a series of rings of the small Inkin bell ,




The Heart of the Perfection of Great Wisdom Sutra*

(Maka Hannya Haramita Shin Gyo in English)



Avolokitesvara Bodhisattva, Awakened One of Compassion,

In Prajna Paramita, the Deep Practice of Perfect Wisdom

Perceived the emptiness of all five conditions,

And was free of suffering.

O Shariputra, form is no other than emptiness,

Emptiness no other than form;

Form is precisely emptiness, emptiness precisely form.

Sensations, perceptions, formations and consciousness are also like this.

O Shariputra, all things are expressions of emptiness,

Not born, not destroyed, not stained, not pure;

Neither waxing nor waning.

Thus emptiness is not form; not sensation nor perception,

not formation nor consciousness.

No eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind;

No sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, nor object of mind;

No realm of sight, no realm of consciousness;

No ignorance, no end to ignorance;

No old age and death,

No cessation of old age and death;

No suffering, nor cause or end to suffering;

No path, no wisdom and no gain.

No gain – thus Bodhisattvas live this Prajna Paramita

With no hindrance of mind –

No hindrance therefore no fear.

Far beyond all delusion, Nirvana is already here.

All past, present and future Buddhas

Live this Prajna Paramita

And realize supreme and complete enlightenment.

Therefore know that Prajna Paramita

Is the sacred mantra, the luminous mantra,

the supreme mantra, the incomparable mantra

by which all suffering is clear.

This is no other than Truth.

Therefore set forth the Prajna Paramita mantra.

Set forth this mantra and proclaim:*


Gate! Gate! (Already Gone, Gone)

Paragate! (Already Gone Beyond)

Parasamgate! (Already Fully Beyond)

Bodhi! Svaha! * (Awakening, Rejoice)


Hannya  Shin Yo

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