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Birds & Sense of Direction Excerpt: Researchers have made a key discovery about the internal magnetic compass of birds. Biologists have identified a single protein without which birds probably would not be able to orient themselves using the Earth's magnetic field. The receptors that sense the Earth's magnetic field are probably located in the birds' eyes. Now, researchers at… Continue reading Birds & Sense of Direction

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Awareness, Consciousness,Sentient Beings – Thoughts – Jundo Cohen

Jundo Cohen No comment on what some of the Tibetan schools may or may not say. However, as to Huang Po's "One Mind," and even the Yogachara interpretations (of which there are more than one), it is just not clear at all if that means some kind of "Universal Consciousness" like a Godhead or "Cosmic… Continue reading Awareness, Consciousness,Sentient Beings – Thoughts – Jundo Cohen

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Mars News – September 26 2018

Ancient Mars Had Energy Source for Potential Life Underground   Exerpt: If life got a foothold in the Martian subsurface long ago, it could have tapped into a plentiful chemical energy source, a new study suggests. That source was hydrogen, generated when radiation split underground water into its constituent parts. And there was… Continue reading Mars News – September 26 2018