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Birds & Sense of Direction


Researchers have made a key discovery about the internal magnetic compass of birds. Biologists have identified a single protein without which birds probably would not be able to orient themselves using the Earth’s magnetic field.

The receptors that sense the Earth’s magnetic field are probably located in the birds’ eyes. Now, researchers at Lund University have studied different proteins in the eyes of zebra finches and discovered that one of them differs from the others: only the Cry4 protein maintains a constant level throughout the day and in different lighting conditions.

Comments: i find it very interesting that this sense of direction somewhere in the birds brain, is connected to the earths magnetics.

It is my understanding that there are two most basic and fundamental forces in nature…. “the world of things”.

The first force (imhu) is magnetics.

In the beginning, there is the whole……… and the whole pulled itself apart, and became  positive and negative. The advent of this magnetics is a prime necessity to the building of “the world of things”. Without this “pulling apart” of a “whole” into a positive and a negative… creating polar magnetism (a north and south/positive/negative) , there could be no “Mass” or solidity, and without mass as a foundation, no structure could be built.

The second is centrifugal force or spinning which seems to be the source of “putting the building blocks of everything together” seen in all atomic/planetary motion. Without this spinning, “things” would not stick together, and would simply fly apart. (gravity seems to be magnetics in action)

So it is interesting that magnetics is also a fundamental part of the life of biological/flying things.

The use of magnetics for direction finding is probably present in all animals to some extent….. will be interesting to see future research on the subject.

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