Lifes Dharma

Inertia – Are you feeding “I”nertia?

“Are you feeding Inertia (the “I”) or are you feeding flowing freedom.”
“Inertia needs context. It cannot live in a void. Void is potentiality.
Potentiality has no Inertia.”

Dharma 101 – Inertia feeds off our rating system…..

  • Inertia lives in the environment of “this activity is important, that activity is not important.”

Dharma 102 – It is not the activities we are involved in which are important…. Inertia uses this against us……

Dharma 102a – Activities are simply faces….

  • Activities are Movement
  • Activities are simply Content.

Dharma 102b – It is not the circumstances of your life which are important …… Inertia uses this against us……..

  • Circumstances are simply faces…..
  • Circumstances are Movement.
  • Circumstances are simply Content.

Dharma 102c – We are self-conscious when we are not “moment conscious”. i.e. we allow our focus to be split, and part goes to allow us to be self-conscious. This split allows inertia in, and allows “I” to FEEL separated. This also applies to any separation between this moment and “I”, wanting this but doing that, emotional reactions, opinions, procrastination, etc.

Dharma 103 – It is what the mind is doing in this moment which makes the difference.

Dharma 103a – To not be caught by inertia, the mind needs to be:

  • Here and Now
  • No rating system – all activities are empty, the less exact word could be equal.
  • Equanimity may be even better – this positively disallows a rating, opinion, and therefore an emotional reaction to that thing… if everything is equal, there is nothing to like or dislike…. everything is just equal or just as it is.
  • Body and mind in the same place, in NOW.

Dharma 104 – Every moment is rooted in potentiality, yet each moment has a “snapshot”.

  • The two sides of our reality.

Dharma 105 – BE the task at hand.

  • Keep every task current – Are you doing the current task in your hands?
  • Is there any separation between this moments mind, and the task at hand? There shouldn’t be!
  • Procrastination is a face of Inertia
  • Keep the mind current.

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