How to Practice · Lifes Dharma · Notes on Life by Uncle Bucky

Uncle Bucky’s Dharma Rules

“All activities are content ~ All content is equal ~ All content is empty”

“Don’t lose your beginners mind”

“Be all in! Stay on Point!”

“Keep all tasks current – Stay on the current task!”


Morning Dharma Schedule

#1 – Drink water!

#2 – 10 minutes exercise every morning before zazen!

#3 – A.M. – Basic stretching

  • Leg Stretch
  • Forward bends

#4 – A.M. – Sitting & Quiet Time

  • Zazen – Yes!
  • Chanting – As time permits
  • Kinhin – If Time Permits
  • Bead Moment Counting – If Time Permits

Daytime Dharma

#1 – Yoga time – lunch rest time

  • Remember, Yoga stretches the inertia kinks out!

#2 – Exercise –  afternoon or evening

  • 15 minutes bike


  • 30 minutes walking


All Day Long Dharma

#1 – Drink water!

  • Keep Hydrated! A dry brain is an unhappy brain, and it blames it all on you!

#2 – Get enough rest!

  • If you don’t get enough rest, you are not going to function properly.


Tasks Dharma

#1 – Keep Tasks Current

  • Keep every task current – Are you doing the current task in your hands?
  • Are you all in? Are you “on point”?
  • Is there any separation between this moments mind, and the task at hand? There shouldn’t be!
  • Procrastination is a face of Inertia (You are stuck!)
  • Keep the mind current.

#2 – BE the task at hand.

Remember the Dharma!

  • Here and Now
  • No rating system – all activities are empty.
  • Equanimity may be even better – this positively disallows a rating, opinion, and therefore an emotional reaction to that thing… if everything is equal, there is nothing to like or dislike…. everything is just equal or just as it is.
  • Body and mind in the same place, in NOW.
  • Attention, attention, attention.
  • Continuity


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