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Visualizations on True Nature – First Notes

For thousands of years, mans mind has turned to supernatural explanations for the world he has found himself in. With the birth of empirical science (hypothesis, experiment, conclusion) and quantum theories, the ability to research scientifically, combined with the power of imagination, has become a valid way to test assumptions regarding nature. Buddhism welcomes this as another tool to test their experience and knowledge. Science is also opening towards visualization and meditation techniques, as a method of reaching past the limitations of the current scientific method, and reaching towards a wider perspective not particularly intuitive to the analytic mind.


We as human beings, all possess the innate ability to add our experience to this body of research. This is because our awareness is a first hand witness to the mysteries of science.

While science builds larger and larger networks of computing abilities, and the analytical abilities of those systems rivals and surpasses the analytical abilities of human beings, the ability to be directly “hooked in” to the awareness which is “Allthings” and beyond is truly only a biological ability. This is because, in my best understanding, biology is the base system of “Allthings”.

There are 2 main reasons why I make this hypothesis, (and it is not the first time someone has offered this theory).

First, science has been digging a hole deeper and deeper into the basic makeup of “Allthings”, and is itself starting to admit that it may be reaching its boundaries of discovery using purely analytical methods.

Second, the systems visible in the physical universe, suggest an overarching system.

The willingness of the scientific community to allow a “Allthing system” into its “how are things built” equation bumps into two roadblocks here. First, to add an unknown, and potentially unknowable factor, is not in the scientific method cards. Second, there is a pressure being applied by those who believe in outdated concepts of the universe, which is very similar to an “Allthing system”. Thus, to allow an “Allthing” into the scientific equation would be to allow God into the system…… and, well, I think we know, “that ain’t gonna to happen!”.

For all intents and purposes, there seems to be a force in or on the universe that “wants” to build life.

My essays here, on what that “Allthing system” MIGHT look like, are meant as my human “first hand” input of “my perspectives” experience.

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