Reflections on Life

In A Dream

A Cat, with human teeth, Cheshire grin….. smiling at me.

The Heart Sutra…… Prajna Paramita….. Shingon chanting….. Mokugyo beating

Sacrifice the small self.

Keeping the Peace in all situations.

Being intimately  interested in others point of view.

Allowing ones own point of view to be silent.

The Great Mind wishes health on allthings.

A hazard of the Dual World: the thought that this can make that difficult.

So the hindrances are not bad, they are only “troublesome”, as alcohol to a child.

There is nothing but positive buoyancy.

The flipside of that which can hinder us, is simply another color in the enlightened rainbow.

“Freely freely you have received, freely freely give” (sheesh!)

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