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Original Mind – Part 2

From this premise of Original Mind being the ground of all, and that everything which exists is obviously rising from this original mind, the question of “getting lost” from the ground of our being arises.

For myself, the parable of the Prodigal Son immediately comes to mind. But it comes to mind as an “Everyman’s story”. It seems this is more than just the story of a self centered boy, who wants to go and party it up with his friends. Rather it is the story of every human who is born, grows up through his teenage years, becoming self-aware, becoming autonomous. In the process, a sense of separateness develops, as well as a clouding or darkening of the mind.

It also follows, in this stream of thought, that upon realizing what he or she has lost, there is a yearning to find home again… or to return home, and a sense that one was wrong in choosing the selfish path one has chosen. But really, it is a fate settled before birth.

This path has been chosen, along with the DNA one has been clothed in, the place in the world they are born in, the time period they are born into, the family they are born into, the circumstances they are born into….. “All we like sheep have gone astray”….. and yet, this premise suggests that this going astray IS the second part in a 3 part story…. (well, at least the 3 parts we know of) We are born, we get lost, we find our way back….. And it is in the “Finding our way back”, that many of the religions get lost and confused….

Getting lost then, is not sin. Getting lost is part of the reality of life. It is fate. (ALL we like sheep)

Finding our way back, is the mysterious original mind, drawing us back towards an adult awakened relationship. Just as the way we talk to ourselves in our heads (sometimes… and some of us more than others! 🙂 ) this does not need to be confusing.

This original mind, which is in and through, and envelops everything, is dancing, and all have been invited to the event. The “do this and don’t do that” issues of the childhood mind, become redundant, in a mind which is participating in the dance. It is only when the human mind “steps outside for a smoke”, separating itself from the “NOW” event, that the darkening can be there.

In the same way, participating in NOW, which is the dance event which all have been invited to, has no self-consciousness, no disappointment, no anger, no strife, no hate, no greed, no jealousy. These feelings only arise when one steps out of the dance (out of NOW), and begins to calculate and ruminate on the past and the future.

So, in the beginning, the individual DNA form is “birthed” and is fixed in its location.

Then it loses its way, due to a clouding of its “point of view” mind.

Then it senses that things have gone awry.

In the end, through returning to the “NOW” event…. each individual DNA (me and you) have the ability to find a fully awakened participation in the dance.

How do we do that!????

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