Original Mind

Original Mind – A Summary

Original Mind is the natural state before things.

Some could say, before creation, or before the big bang…. these terms and definitions are all our current understanding of something which is truly beyond understanding.

Original Mind is the original substance, and its function (doing) is seen in all things and forms we see. It is this interpenetration that all humans feel, and innately wish to become one with. Feelings of awe, and reverence, humility and love, are all the original mind reaching out to itself.

Children live in this original mind, until they are taught bad habits by other humans.

Children’s openness to things “just as they are” is called naivety by adults. Adults feel it is their duty to open children’s eyes to the cold reality of life…… and so,one way or another, the child’s “garden of Eden” is lost….. Paradise lost.

But rather than concepts of trying to keep the child from going through this loss of connection to the original mind, it will be suggested here, that it is only possible to become aware or AWAKE in the Original Mind, with the grown up adult human mind.

The suggestion is that it is only due to the LOSS of this connection, that the urgency to FIND IT AGAIN is awakened. This then, would be the GPS homing beacon felt by those who have a strong urge towards spirituality. (Well, they are the ones who admit it… but it would follow with this premise that every human being would have this pull.)

This original mind is before all definitions, before all things, and before all forms. Humans “anthropomorphize” this sense, putting words like God or Brahman on it, and defining it with emotions they understand: jealousy, anger, the urge to control, love, joy, etc. This premise is not meant to belittle this urge, as it is truly a natural urge for humans to try to grasp what would otherwise be ungraspable by the human mind.

Humans do not have a frame of reference for what this original mind is. If it is formless, undefinable, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, eternal, ….. how does one “wrap ones mind around it?”

In fact there is no wrapping of the human mind around it. But the human mind can, and in this premise, is meant to, participate in this original mind.

In fact, the human mind is simply a “participation in this original mind.”

The original mind, in a sense, would be a bit like the current understanding of the superpositioning ability of a photon, because original mind is in and through all things, it can show up as a point form, or as a wave form, or as a field form. It is not defined by any of these “ways of contemplating it”. It defies definition. It defies objectifying…. simply because it is in all and through all….. it cannot be objectified….. cannot be separated.. from itself….

So, it might be said, that the human awareness is in fact, a point form of the overall oceanic original mind, or original awareness.

The basic summary of this premise, raises a myriad of questions, such as free will, control, acts of karma, etc. But this summary is merely an attempt to make this cosmological concept clear.


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