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Duality is Oneness in Action – God in Action

Oneness is Reality (God), and this is a mystery.

Nature is Reality, and this is a mystery.

Duality is Reality (God) on stage.

Duality is divinity on stage (both the stage and the actors)

Oneness is being, Duality is function.

Duality is shot through with oneness. Duality is Oneness…. in motion… moving.

The one substance…. before substance takes form …. becomes solid…..expresses itself with form…. expresses itself with duality. The universe is the expression of God…. The universe is God in action.

All humans are part of the duality of the oneness. When I look into the eyes of another human, the oneness is there looking back at me. When I look into the eyes of a dog or bird, the oneness is there looking back at me. The trees and the wind are all the oneness, and when they brush me, it is oneness touching me. When I am breathing, it is oneness breathing. Kinship is everywhere, because everything is kindred. The kindredship is in the original substance. The kindredship is oneness in action.

Humans are part of the Oneness. Oneness is human beings center…. the human root.

Was Jesus sent here to show how Oneness can manifest itself in the midst of Duality?

Did they get it right, when they said “Jesus is both God and man”?

Did they get it wrong, when they said “Only Jesus was both God and man”?


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