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The Cosmology of Reality – Part 2 – Where do we fit in to the Picture?

The problem the way I see it…………

As long as there is a boogeyman in the story, who is seen to be behind any changes in the literalistic concepts one believes, there is no hope of any changes occurring.

When I had an experience where the boogeyman.. in a sense, my fear, was shown to be a false fear, the pastor who I told the experience to , said.. which TOTALLY followed his doctrinal position…. “Perhaps you don’t have those fears anymore, because you are too far away from the Spirit”. So his take on this type of experience was that it was me being tricked AWAY from God. That I was apostate.

The Human Problem
Humans “grow” a ego, thinking that we are somehow separate from the oneness…. but when this illusion of ego is “seen through”, the oneness can again shine through. It really is just that simple…. but seeing through the ego is a true challenge, which needs tools to do the work.

The Cosmology of Reality
Oneness (Reality….God) is all of existence. The universe is a part of it……… we have no way of knowing how much bigger Oneness is than the universe.

There is only one “substance” namely Oneness…. making all that is, that is not, and that might be (potentiality)

Oneness (the one “substance”) is the only substance that the Universe is made of.

There is no Twoness….. there is no second substance.

The Universe is “made” from the Oneness substance, which needs to be “dissected” by separating positive and negative forces… thus forming the dualism of positive and negative magnetism and the other forces necessary to create “things”. (Atoms cannot exist without these basic forces) so no “forces”, no universe.

The Universe is “Oneness moving”….. the function of Oneness is movement and duality is at least part of that movement.
Oneness “IS” and it also “DOES” actions.

The Universe is necessarily built in duality, because without duality, no solid forms can exist. (as noted above)

Humans live (“exist”) in the dualistic Universe. Our bodies are dualistic forms. Our thoughts and concepts are based on the dualistic nature of the Universe.

Humans live on the “plane” where Oneness and duality “meet”. That is our reality……….. there is no escaping it (normally).

Humans cannot “hide” in oneness, nor can they hide in duality,  because of the dualistic nature of their bodies and minds, and their original substance, which is Oneness. In a way, we are hybrids… but duality is a “state”(doing), while oneness is “true being”.If humans try to hide in either, ignoring the other, they are faced with an inner sense of “not living in reality”, and this creates a deep conundrum or struggle. All “human bad moves” are due to this struggle……………….

Oneness and its son, Duality

In fact, in saying that Jesus is god and man….. this is truth, this is reality.

The problem is that this union of oneness and duality is affixed to him alone, so the problem ALMOST got fixed, but missed by a million miles as soon as a doctrine was written around it. The doctrine DEFINED the chasm of oneness and duality instead of healing the human illusion.

All humans are this union of oneness and its “son”, duality. All humans are of the same nature as Jesus. He in fact called us brothers, and many of his “mysterious” sayings start to make sense when we look at reality from this vantage point.

Jesus wanted to teach us and exemplify to us, how to live in this “reality” of oneness (substance) and duality (the function of oneness).
Jesus wanted to teach us and exemplify to us how to live on the “plane” where Oneness and duality “meet”. (Or where oneness forms duality…. which is a constant, alive, forming.

We experience this constant alive forming as “NOW”.

As long as we live in now, we are at peace.

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