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June 12 2017 – Bead Moments – Cartoon

Bead Moments - 1 - blurb blurb argh


The Bead Moment…. “every” moment….

Now, new moment …..clean moment


Not now, old moment….  smoky moment


In this instant….. in this moment, and every moment, this one mind is either carrying baggage or it is unfettered.

Now, in this “next” moment, (because the last moment is not here anymore, it only remains “like smoke” memories and residue)… if we let this mind be sticky (like a sticky frogs tongue) getting it stuck on, and go with that smoke and residue, then this moment is not free, but bound by that residue.

The minds sticky character is obsession….. it will stick to last moment, and begin to make it heavier and heavier….carrying it like heavy baggage. Or, the mind will move freely from one moment to the next…… One or the other process is always in action, and one or the other process will “win out” in the end….. Clue: the sticky mind has the character of struggling, and the free mind has the character of letting go.

Self inquiry leads to freedom from the sticky mind.

When we see clearly the free mind and the fettered smoky mind (simply one mind, but being used differently), then abiding in freedom starts to become available. The mind learns to be free, moment by moment. Or, the mind learns to be fettered, moment by moment.





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