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The Three Poisons

The Three Poisons or the three unwholesome roots – Three root kleshas

Moha – Ignorance (delusion, confusion (Cock) (a subcategory of avidya in Mahayana tradition)

Raga – Attachment, (Desire, Greed and sensual attachment (Pig)

Dvesha – Aversion or ill will or hatred (Snake)

They are the root of craving (Tanha), and thus in part the cause of Dukkha (suffering, pain, unsatisfactoriness) and rebirths.

The opposites of these are:

Amoha (non-delusion) or Prajna (wisdom)

Alobha (non-attachment) or Dana (generosity)

Advesa (non-hatred) of Metta (loving-kindness)


Here is a super article from the Sunyata Buddhist Center on the Three Poisons


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