DIfferent Nonsense - Different Day

November 2 2017 – Notes

How much do the natural processes of our bodies get interpreted as emotions?

How much do the natural processes of our bodies get interpreted based on our outlook on life?

Many of our worries are simply due to natural causes such as intestinal pains.

They start out as discomfort pains, and then get “reasons” attached to them by our thinking mind. (the “thing”ing mind)

The body has some discomfort…. intestinal discomfort is really interesting, because it can put pressure on the chest, especially when one is sleeping…. creating a sense of anxiety.

The mind asks the question “why do I feel like this?”

We often institute the answer the mind comes up with.

The reasons are often due to what we see as “real” in our minds.

For example, if we sense that “God is trying to tell me something”, the solution to why I am feeling discomfort will get an answer which is in line with that train of thought.

This way of looking at life was begun by my English teacher in high school. He was quite cynical about religious reasoning.

NOTE: I have found that going to sleep with an empty stomach can help to keep existential turmoil to a minimum! 🙂

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