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On Diligence – Notes

I like the word diligence.

Diligence “works”.

(Note to myself…..)
By not living life diligently, we put ourselves on a treadmill.
Actually, what we all ARE on is a “down” escalator, walking up….. and we need to put enough effort into our life, that we reach the next floor, or we will always be ending up back at the bottom.
Life needs diligence to function properly.

Life does not need pressure or anxiety. Those things create a tug-of-war effect, and we end up tired and at the bottom again. If we keep in this cycle of doing life “half-heartedly”, being caught in a tug-of-war, we will end up disillusioned and feeling defeated…. frustrated, maybe even depressed…..

The answer to pressure or anxiety is diligence.

Be diligent, in all your life….. just do it.

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