DIfferent Nonsense - Different Day · How to Practice · Meditation - Zazen · NOW! ~ CONTINUITY!

This Moments Contents


This moments contents…. this moments sensations… this moments thoughts

Let them flow off

Like dissipating smoke flowing out behind the crystal orb called now.

like the fading sound of the inkin ringing……..

Let them be as they are.

Self-cleaning Now.

~     ~

Like water off a ducks back.

Being present in this moment…. the last moments contents roll off…..

Ever in the pureness of this present moment….

this present breath…

this present sound…..

this present reality.

This moment might be really noisy, smelly or bright, but it is perfectly pure! 🙂

Not impacted by anything outside itself.

This is our practice….. this is our ever current and unreachable goal.

In fact, we don’t reach for it,

IT JUST IS…. and IS….. and IS.

No storage necessary!

Every moment brings fresh clean pure water!


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