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True Nature – like Fibre-Optics

One analogy of the System of the Universe …… could be to visualize a light source of a ball of fibre-optics lines, with the fibre-optics line ends splaying out, and each end seated in the Source, and the “outer” end showing the Sources picture.

The received image from the Source is the same for all…..


Each fibre-optics line ends at a unique location,  a point location (like a humans POV).

Each fibre-optics line…. or human POV could be seen as having its unique coating of DNA, location in time and space, and its own set of circumstances.

Each location ‘translates” the source information it receives in relation to its Located Point of View…..

No two of us are at the same place…. totally unique….

Yet each one of us is receiving signal and light…. from One Source.

As we begin to see our true nature, there is really very little room for arguing.

There is no place more special or right than another…. we each have our own unique point of view.

True Nature – like Fibre-Optics – Part 2

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