DIfferent Nonsense - Different Day

The Philosophy of the Hen-house & Sitting on the Eggs

One day, the wise old rooster (Foghorn Leghorn) called all the hens out into the courtyard. It seemed there was some confusion, and after doing his Doodle Doo that morning, his focus was on setting things straight.


“The job”, he said, after they were all gathered, all the clucking had calmed down …. and they were “semi” paying attention “is sitting on your eggs you have laid. If any other issue becomes important, the whole point of the hen-house is missed.”
“All you mother hens….. should you feel responsible for all the eggs in the hen house? Do you think that you should spend your time telling the other hens how to sit on their eggs? Do you think there is time to set up a “hen club”, or to talk about the hens we don’t like, and exclude them? Aren’t you simply responsible for her own eggs? Sure, in keeping the fox out of the hen house, you might be inadvertently helping the other hens and their eggs, but it should be born out of a concern for the safety of your own eggs, shouldn’t it?
Keep focused on the job at hand, ok? Don’t get sidetracked!

Your job is laying eggs, keeping you mind on your work, and sitting on eggs til they hatch!

Otherwise, there whole reason for being here gets forgotten.

The moral of the story for me is: I must remember that my job is to sit on my egg (zafu) keep my mind on the job at hand, and quit concerning myself with everyone else’s posture, or on setting them straight!

(a little bit embarrassed about sticking his beak into other persons business) Uncle Bucky

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