How We See the World · Point of View - so many of them! Of course! · Stemcells & the Universal Stemcell Concept

Point of View & Oceanic View

The whole universe is built with each living being, being located in a certain spot….. and they see everything from that spot…. that makes everything a point of view…. I know that biblical literalists don’t like that kind of talk, but the universe points to this in every direction……

God put us in these POV bodies, and it guarantees we see things from that point of view….. a Jewish friend once told me,”where there are two Jewish folks, there are 3 points of view”…..

This all started with….. “hmm, the structure of stemcells/DNA…. where did this stemcell concept begin? Why would it suddenly just pop up in biology? …. is the human stemcell just a visual version of “buddha-nature a universal-stemcell…. emanating and super-positioning to all that exists??
Then we are all point form (drop of water) participants in the oceanic buddha nature…..
For some reason, this has ll been very useful to me……

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