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Bee Colony – Model of Society – Part 1

Day after day… The same old question….. Since I was a lad.
What is the reason for living… life seems so vain.
A person, a body, on a point in space… not enough for a twinkle when its life ends and returns to the void.
Civilizations erased from the universes mind, not to mention humankind when its time is up.
What point is there for this one body, to go through the motions as if it all mattered.
This perhaps has been the thing which has driven me to zen… and to the search for meaning.
It is really no wonder that some folks give up…. and just say… get it over with… why give a fuck.
Sitting here naked…. soon to cover up…. it seems the small mind is concerned with how to also cover up the angst…. with something that seems worthwhile…. and it seems that this daily ritual… of waking up feeling like everything is useless…. then drumming up a reason to get excited for another day…… no wonder we come up with all these ideas…. no wonder we are pillaging the planet…. we are trying to cover up the fact that we are nothing….. and no matter what we do, we will be forgotten…. in a pine box, which will turn to dust someday….. no one will remember, no one will care… we live in this little bubble that will burst in the air…. and not even a dead body will be left to say….. this was a person….. who were they….. pitiful creatures…. not knowing their place… or perhaps we all know it, but make-up our face… to try to hide from the futility of it all…..

But…………. what if we are simply meant to be part of a human society? What if that IS our purpose?

It doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy our life….. of course we can……

But what if human society were of the type which was designed to fulfill its individuals needs?

What, if instead of being countries which are ruled by persons who have their own selfish goals in mind, the society were the servant of the individual, and the individual were the servant of the society….. a mutually beneficial relationship?

What if a human society test were to be formed, which was based on:

A symbiotic relationship where the individuals satisfaction would be found in fulfilling their purpose in society (using their abilities for the good of society), while the societies purpose was in keeping a functional society, and meeting the needs of the societies individuals….. where each individual would be helped to find their suitable place in society, with the society training them to make the most out of their abilities, allowing for life change to occur in an individuals life.

What if all needs of the individual to be understood in terms of the needs of the society?

This would mean, the individual would find their meaning in fulfilling their place as part of society, while the society would protect and help its individuals… a symbiotic relationship. (Symbiotic – denoting a mutually beneficial relationship between different people or groups)

Humans have spent several millennia already searching for answers to why they are here, what their purpose is, etc.

Humans are here because the universe GREW them here……

All the speculative and idealistic thinking of eternity will not come up with a good reason to do anything at any given moment.

The truth is there is no good reason for anything….. there is only nature and its purposes.

The realizations that “life is suffering”, and that “all is vanity”, are already a couple of thousand years old. These are not ideas….. they are facts of nature.

Humans are an animal, on a planet, in a solar system, in a galaxy, in a humongous universe, possibly in the midst of a myriad of universes….. our importance in the scheme of things is not even large enough to be negligible.

Everything, including the universe will return to dust someday.

We will never find an individual purpose for getting out of bed in the morning. All is vanity.

We tend towards depression because at our base, we all know this is true.

We try to come up with grandiose reasons why the universe grew us here, all the while feeling orphaned and alone …. spending another several millennia trying to come up with a better answer will only be futile….. and millions more of us will suffer in the meantime.

It is time to move on from this!

Lets start from the beginning.

The universe grew us on this planet. It is nature.

We have a self-awareness which makes us totally miserable, because we are awake in a seemingly meaningless existence.

The human life only makes sense in terms of a society…. but we are individual centered awarenesses in individual bodies…… so we struggle with becoming lost within a society that seems to not value us, from the same value system as our self-awareness based consciousness does.

Each human is truly unique, in time, in location, in looks, in personality, so we have a good reason to feel we are unique and special….. but we are only unique and special to ourselves… and to a few who know us, in most cases.

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