All-Being · Stemcells & the Universal Stemcell Concept

All-Being – What does this term mean?

The term “All-Being” refers to the universal essence from which all things spring.

There are many ways to express this in examples and analogies:

The singularity before the Big Bang, the ocean of essence (source essence) from which all things manifest, etc.

The most common way to express this universal essence is by giving it attributes.

Ultra tempus, ultra locus, undique (everywhere) omne praesens, onmes potentes, universi qui scitis, omnisciens, are all examples of the attibutes which have been attached to this universal essence.

The human tendency in history, has unfortunately been to “deify” it, or to turn it into some sort of God, or Prophet, or Ideal.

However, in the process of this deification, humans, with their tendency to see their failings as a glitch or defect in their system, tend to eliminate themselves from that universal essence, and instead create a second essence from which all physical things are made….. Part of this tendency is due to the fact that they consider that this essence is so high and glorious that they couldn’t possibly be participants in it, but that they are merely creatures created by that (All)Being.

All-Being instead proposes that all the essence of the universe rises out of the All-being, rather than being something which the All-Being “made”.

So while there is a sense of orphanhood created by the “creatures created by a glorious Being” (and also separate from him) , there is a sense of birthright created by “All things arise from the All-Being essence”.

All-Being proposes that there IS ONLY ONE ESSENCE, which in one form, looks like spirit, while in another form, looks like physical nature.

All-Being proposes that the inter-relationship of all things, is due to this fact.

While scientific study refuses to have a “god” factor in its equations, it works with the manifestations of the All-Being in all of its research.

The current situation where closed system religious groups say that they have a final answer to creation, life and science, creates an antagonistic environment where science and (that type of ) religion cannot communicate. These closed system religious groups hold themselves (their sacred texts, their leaders, their concept of the nature of God, Allah, etc) as a highest authority in ALL MATTERS, therefore being in a position to veto any conclusions coming out of the scientific community as to the basic nature of things. (Of course, the issues which are vetoed by these groups are not about technology… which they use…. but only about conclusions regarding things like theism vs. atheism, which impact their choke-hold on members minds..)

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