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Reality – as Infinity and its levels

This is a short post which i need to return to, but wanted to make a bookmark.

Sitting zazen with this sense of infinity, brought a sense of seeing buddha-nature, as the ubiquitous, expansive infinity which pervades everything and everywhere, and then moving in it, through “levels of density”, where the expansive infinity becomes or forms into the most basic positive/negative building blocks, and those building blocks form quarks, and the quarks form the parts of atoms, and the atoms form molecules, and the molecules form base elements, and the elements form gas/liquid/solid forms, and all forms are formed on this foundation….

Solid forms march to a drummer of E=mc2, the laws of thermodynamics, and their children – gravity, entropy, etc. (This is also the world of karma. All causes have effects, and the band marches on from cause to effect, and then that effect becoming a cause of the next effect…… and so on.)

But seeing it in this fashion, we can see how we are participants in “the Whole Enchilada” as my teacher, Jundo Cohen Roshi puts it.

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A post from the Soto Zen Buddhism facebook page:

i am wondering if the term “infinity” might help in our experiential awareness of the Sanskrit term sunyata (emptiness)
The reasons for asking this are:
it would seem that infinity is “in and through and beyond” the limited experience we have as human beings…
The world of things is said to arise from sunyata
Sunyata is anything BUT empty….. one person calls it “fullness everywhere”
everything, including our awareness, is manifesting this infinity “in the flesh”??

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