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Reality – Finding a Benchmark through Zazen

i feel it is of the utmost importance to realize that our “original nature” is one of inner peace, just watching, or perfect relaxation. (and there are lots of other words we might use there). When some situation tries to pull me away from my “peace” benchmark,

1.) i focus on breathing. then ask myself “what am i lacking in this moment?”

2.) i realize that any answer to this question is not as important as staying in “peace” and not being pulled out of it, and:

3.) that the anxious feeling i am experiencing lacks any substantiality (at its base, it is empty).

4.) Find the place in my body where the mind has created that tension or “body knot”, and:

5.) release it. i have found that the root of many of our “sufferings” is the trick the mind plays on us by creating a knot in our body somewhere…. (Diaphragm, chest, shoulders, neck…)

6.) Through this, it is very important to me to find a “benchmark” where all tension is dropped, which can happen in through practicing zazen.

i am thinking that the word “just being” might be a broader term than “peace”?? But i do like the connotation of deep calm….. i think this is what the Serena Williams article was talking about…… ( ) it is something which must be usable in feverish activity, as well as sitting on a park bench watching the world go by……

Thich Nhat Hanh talks often about never losing this in all situations…. i think of a hero on the battlefield… what makes him a hero? His ability to “keep his senses” in a crazy situation…. and i think this is applicable to all of us, in our own crazy situations…..


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