Been a long time since i quoted a bible verse……. that’s not really my way…. well… this is my personal translation, but one which i think all people could agree with…….

It focuses on what one might do as daily practice of charity………..

If one wished, a person “could” place “I will” or “I do my best” in the place of charity, as an affirmation of daily purpose….. 🙂 as a friend of mine says #workingonit 🙂

1 Cor. 13:4-7
4 Charity practices longsuffering, and practices being kind; charity practices not being envious; Charity does its best to not puff its face up, and act bigger than it is,
5 Charity practices not acting unseemly, practices not seeking her own selfish goals, charity practices not being easily provoked, does its best to think no evil of others;
6 Charity practices not rejoicing in the misfortunes of others, but rejoices in reality and truth;
7 Charity practices bearing all things, believing in all things, practices hope in all things, practices enduring in all things.

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