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The Satisfaction of Neediness

A question I am asking myself…………….

Can emotional needs ever be truly filled?

Can all the acceptance, respect and affirmation which we struggle to obtain from others ever fill the void of need which causes us to go looking outside for it?

Is the root problem (at this level) the neediness itself?

If you “follow the path of the neediness” back to its source (noting that the source of this need exists on various levels of our awareness with different faces on it) you may find, that it is a sense of being unsatisfied with “me”, which is driving “me” to look outside for the acceptance “i” am not finding inside “myself”. (Those who live in a world of “no self”, please bear with me on this)

Next question:

Is there a way in which we as individuals, can find a way for this neediness to be satisfied inside ourselves?

If we were able to create a “fullness” and “satisfied state”(although a satisfied state suggests that there was something “needed” in the first place) would we then be able to live our days as a light, radiating instead of needing?

Might this suggest then, that the “Big Answer” to the question “What should be the central focus of my life” might be to resolve this “neediness” issue?

Is it possible to stop being a “patient”? To stop needing a shot of “stuff” or “acceptance” to keep us with a level of satisfaction?

Is it possible to become the “hospital” instead of the “patient”???

If you think of it, is this the way in which the resolution of this type of selfishness (“me” as a patient) “becomes” or transforms into compassion (hospital)?

No, i don’t like that hospital metaphor, because it again suggests a selfish motive of “look at me, i am a hospital for all those sick people out there”….. ach!….. the “me” is truly underhanded in its motivations!!!!

Food for thought……..

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