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Don’t hold onto shit……

We humans like to hold onto shit…….. Our mind is like a frogs tongue, sticking to things and not letting go.
News Flash: It is possible for the mind to let things pass without sticking to them.
The more we let time…. and its potential shit (and its potential joy as well) ….. flow past us, without sticking to it, the happier we live.
We take note of each passing moment, then flow on…….
Each moment is full and complete, with nothing lacking….
Hint: It isn’t the shit that is bugging you, it is the fact that you are sticking to it…… (Yes, of course we blame the shit for our unhappiness!!!!!!)
Anyways, it is JUST that simple…… but it takes diligence and practice, and a good effective method to work with it.
Note: If you are thinking “shut up Gerry” it is because you are holding onto shit…….. :)….
Doesn’t give much room for getting more and more cynical as we get older, does it?????
And remember – “Always be doing the task that is in front of you”…. otherwise, shit piles up. 🙂

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