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Analogy of the fiber-optics lamp – Part 1

Relationship with the Eternal Essence – Analogy of the fiber-optics lamp

My hope is to write this set of analogies as clearly and simply as possible.
The analogies are in no way meant to be a complete explanation. Rather, they are meant as a helping tool…….. to be a simplified explanation meant to help the clinging mind release its hold on finding a complete understanding. In this way, relaxing the clinging, manipulating mind, allowing reality’s light to shine thru. This effortless “happening”, of reality’s light shining through, is something which we come to block as we get older.
In a way, these analogies could be called “coaxing one to let go of our mind manipulations, which we use, hoping to extricate themselves from our suffering”……….. But our mind manipulations are truly an exercise in futility….


In this analogy, each fiber-optics fiber represents, in our case, a human being…. a “me”.

All of the fibers are connected to the source of the light, which is at the center. It could also be said “all the fibers emanate from the center or source of the light”.

The “exterior” end of the fiber represents our “data and sorting system”.

The 5 physical senses of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch, constantly gather data starting from the time our DNA body has its “beginning” (the zygote formed by a DNA sperm and egg).

The sense data is stored in the brain, and sorted for both quick and long-term access.

Sense Apex

Our sense/storage apparatus forms an “apex”… like a point of convergence.

The illusion that the apex is an entity with “substance” comes from this convergence.

“Our” apex has its location in space and time. We are born into a DNA body, “locked” in our set of circumstances.

Each apex can compare its location and circumstances with other visible apexes around itself.

Each apex forms its sense of an entity it calls “myself” from the sense that its “sense/storage center” is an entity.

Each apex has a unique position in space and time….. and all apexes “seem” to “live” in the same synchronized position with all other apexes in space and time.

Every fiber-optics fiber is connected to the source, or flows from the source, or emanates from the source, for its “life term”. In this way, our DNA body senses that it is a “thing”.. which it is actually…. for the length of its “life term”. So this circumstance is known as impermanence…… and it is seen as “lacking substance”, as it is “here today, gone tomorrow

Every fiber-optics fiber also senses that it “isn’t all there is”…… and yet, its sense apex disallows it from experiencing this space-time world from any other perspective than its own. This “locked” position is the source of what we call “self-centeredness”.

There are some who develop the ability to see that other “sense apexes” are in the same boat as they are, and therefore, attain a wider or broader view of this “reality”, allowing others the fact that their perspective and location is as legitimate as ones own.

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