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What is truly important in Life?

This morning, i began writing about “What is of ultimate importance in life?”
i think it is a question which often gets asked… especially when we are set back on our haunches… when things are not going as planned, or when we are looking back at our life and taking stock…… perhaps when we are doubting ourselves….

In any case, the considerations of this question got so long and drawn out, that i could hardly list them all here.
The outcome of it all was that many of us live in accord with other persons expectations of how we should live (parents, friends, wives and husbands, “God”, society) i.e. Simply “fitting in”. Many of us live without really coming to a clear decision about how we should live…. about what our purpose or goal in life should be. Others decide to work towards a career, raising a family, making lots of money, having lots of stuff.
While these goals are good direction pointers, they can all feel suddenly empty when the reasons or folks we do these things for disappoint us, or leave us, and make the whole thing seem to have been in vain.

When these setbacks happen, if we can learn to accept life as it comes, and learn to flow with it, our goals, or ultimately important things, become more fluid, more “one step at a time”, with a more “moment by moment awareness”.

So while we have long term goals, we live by moment by moment guidelines…

This can teach us that the most important thing in life, while still being aware of long term goals, is to be aware of each moment while we are living in it.

This also can also be a type of trust…. trusting that in walking mindfully, our “inner guidance system” keeps us in tune with “ourselves” and our long term hopes.

Here is a list of what i thought “living in the moment” guidelines can look like for me ….. as reminders helping me keep on track

– To live each moment in a way which is satisfying to me. (no this is not selfish, it is staying in tune with myself)
– To live each moment in a way that is not harmful to others. (because how i act and its impact on others, can make my life comfortable or very uncomfortable)
– Living each moment being honest with myself… even if it hurts.
– Living each moment, accepting the person i am at that moment.
– Living, loving to be ENGAGED, and PARTICIPATING in life.
– Letting go of any and all perceived wrongs against me by persons and events. (so freeing)
– Accepting life as it comes, one step at a time.
– Taking responsibility for my actions. (a tough one!)
– Being satisfied with “my best”, and always be doing my best to do better… in a positive way.
– Bringing my inner prodigal sons back to the family table.

When the Doubting Me rears its head, i remind it of these moment by moment guidelines….. in a few minutes it gets bored and goes back to sleep…..

The more i understand how this works, the more life flows with my breath ……

And the more i understand how this works, all caring for others and accepting others happens smoothly as an flowing result ……

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