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An Ode to Freedom

An Ode to Freedom………….

Beyond time and space,
Deep nature is
A formless ocean…
Beyond beyond,

All things take form,
Out of the formless ocean,
Our nature is deep nature.
Our substance is congealed
as from ocean water.

We take form,
All forms have
A beginning
And an end.

And in that form
We get confused,
we start to see
Ourselves as,
Separate entities.

We get lost,
But our deep nature endures.
There is no change,
There is no ruin.

One may live life
Endlessly struggling,
In that illusion
of disconnectedness.
and lead a harmful life.

Or one may learn,
To lead this life of form
In harmony,
With our true nature.
And live Flowingly.

Every moment we breathe
Is struggling Or
Each moment
Is flowing.

Every moment we can be
Fully Present Flowing
When Struggling starts
Remind ourselves

Be present… and flow.

~ The Way is re-discovering our true nature of Completeness. ~

– Shou An Stewart

Inspired by Prajna Paramita Mantra

“Gate Gate, Paragate, Parasumgate, Bodhi Svaha”

“Beyond, Beyond, Gone Beyond, Completely Gone Beyond,

Allen Ginsberg’s version:

“Gone gone totally gone totally gone over the top, wakened mind, So, ah!”

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