Poems and Such

The Source of All

Tsun – The Source of All (3/4 cadence)

There is one source
The Source of All.
In all and per-meating all.
At once the par-ent and the child.

Subject and Object combined.

The Source of All.
Tsun speaks to us.
And each translates
In their own tongue.

The Source speaks to
The seaside man
Of fish and clams
And Ocean Shells

And Ocean things
Are Sacred to
The Seaside Man
The Source fills All
With Sacredness

The Forest Man
receives the word
in forms of birds
Rocks, trees and creeks.

The Forest Man
carves sacredness
Into their to-tems
Flutes and Bows

And when these Humans
Wish to speak
To their pa- rent
Sacred One

They also speak
Familiar Things
And send their prayers
On Feathered Wings

The smoke ascends…..

When Forest and
The Sea folks meet.
Their open minds
Can fully blend.

As they know
The Spirit speaks
To each man
In their own tongue.

Bodhi Svaha

Shou An – 02/19/2019

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