Thoughts on Reincarnation as of February 26 2019 :)

We do all see the world from our own point of view, for sure……. so from this persons point of view, i tell myself: Beliefs are limiters and extra baggage ……. let go of the crutches of belief, and walk on the “mind-legs” supplied to you….. moment by moment….. Nature seems to show us that a leaf falls from the tree after its lifetime, disintegrates back to its base elements, and becomes nourishment. Do the elements which made up a humans awareness “stick together” and continue past its lifetime? The shape of individual awareness merges back into the shapeless ocean of awareness….. once it does this, is there still an “entity” of that individual awareness left to “transmigrate”? Individual awareness only seems to be “available” when there is a body/mind to house it in. Use teachers for guidance? Yes….. Believe the interpretation they came to based on their cultural and time environment? Well….. It seems, all the spiritual teachers of the past (and present) were/are limited in how they taught, by either the understanding of their students, and/or by their own understanding based on their environment. To take their viewpoint, and not use our own eyes,ears,nose,tongue,skin,mind to see is simply a waste of our lifetime. Atoms and molecules shift and change….. Frankly, I love the smell of dirt after the rain, and the smell of the air when it is about to rain…… perhaps this is the urge of the ocean of awareness to emit all things physical…….. my apologies for these silly thoughts…….. I never wanted to do 24/7 singing praises to the creator, and i am not practicing what i am in order to escape this world…… this life is awesome…… i’m sucking it all in…. 🙂

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