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Life Lessons from an Onion

Life Lessons from an Onion….. Summarized thoughts……

Life is multi-layered…… 🙂

Thoughts on the subject…..

“Peeling off a layer reveals things inside that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise.”

“The center is white (unstained) no matter how dirty the outside gets, it is unchanged at its center.”

“The rules which govern the outside skin might be very different from the rules governing the inner layers.
(Quantum physics lesson) Don’t be confused by the obvious contradictions…..

All of nature grows from a center, like a seed.

If the center were to be lost, the whole onion dies.

There is not another onion life…. when this onion is eaten, it is gone….. well, actually, it is transformed into nutrients for the person who ate it….. 🙂

(An onion had to lose its life for the above drawing…. please be kind….. hehe)

For an inside joke with my Aldersgate “tongxue” (fellow students) Thanks to Prof. Schufelt (sp?) for his classes in “finding spiritual truths”….. 🙂 i learned to look for deeper meanings behind common things….. he was truly an awesome guy …. helped me by being real when i needed someone real…..

Always remember that the truth you see has deeper layers, so don’t be arrogant! 🙂

One thought on “Life Lessons from an Onion

  1. Lovely onion drawing – it gave its life but lives on in your art! And good words – a lot can be learned from a modest onion.

    I also liked Prof Schufelt, but his soothing voice often put me to sleep in his class! Kindly, he never got mad or woke me up, and I still passed his classes. 😴

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