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Religion – One on One :)

Religion as it has been known, is simply some one else’s ideas on their relationship with the “-” (i.e. Ground of Being)……. different names for it, different faces on it…. but as one teacher said, “Borrowed feathers don’t grow”….. someone else cant pee for you, and someone else cant eat for you…. and no one else can find what you yourself need to search for and find inside yourself….. When we humans realize this…. that we are all experiencing the same thing, each in their own way….. then we can stop trying to force one mans view onto someone else…. but religion sees that it is believing in something outside itself, and that if a person isn’t taught right, they will go wrong (or get grabbed by Satan…hehe) …… but every human has their connection…. it is each persons individual birthright…. when we figure this out, and IF we figure this out, the human race can move to a new level… until then we are stuck in tribalism…….. but hey… tribalism is ok too….. but it has kept us fighting and killing each other for millenia….

It is time for each person to DO IT YOURSELF. Every human being is born out of the Source of everything. It is each and every persons birthright.

We can all learn from others. But casting the “great unknown” in stone and saying that we understand it, and “Just listen to me, and do as I say, and you will be fine” doesn’t work, as we can see from human history. Our personal development is DIY.

i like Gary Webers name for it “deconstruction”…. deconstructing our storylines about something we really don’t understand….. 🙂 Once we begin doing that, we are more free to experience it directly……

i suspect that the “awakening” or “enlightenment” process is simply that…… being able to experience everything more directly…… i know the path has been hugely freeing for this person anyways…..

Many of the storylines are religious ones…. and when they put flaming angel guards around them threatening hell… and heaven…. it makes them especially frightful things to let go of……

Comments from Deborah Greene on Facebook –

Deborah Greene I’m afraid, of course, but I’m no longer afraid of fear. It is of little concern to me what it is like to be dead. I’m not sure if that happened from living for a long time. In any case, I think there is some merit to studying various religions and philosophies in depth. I stumbled on a system that offered a way to “deprogram” oneself from habitual, mindless behavior physically, although it is called “psychophysical.” Still, I was surprised to learn before very long that there is no discernable difference between mind and body that I can find so that learning to allow responses without trying to “do” them lights the way for me, and my guideposts are ease, efficiency and awareness, through the sensory contact we have with the outside world and within ourselves, and the discovery that it is not necessarily accurate data we get, especially if we are on autopilot. I wouldn’t go tell it on the mountain, but I do talk to my friends about it. – I also find that occasionally there is great wisdom in some of the narratives, if you take them as narratives.

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