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Great Everyday Nootropics Drink

If you want to have a “shot” in the morning, to help your cognitive processes, here is a recipe we snitched from the active ingredients in a nootropics “capsule”, and have been taking it approx. 5 times a week for almost 2 years now….. brings clarity to kids mental processes for school.

We bought a small scale which can weigh down to 1 mg…….
The product suggested to take this 30 minutes before breakfast.
Takes about 3 minutes to make fresh every morning

Rhodiola Rosea – 106 mg
Green Tea Extract – 160 mg
Spinach Powder – 50 mg
Vitamin C Powder – 100 mg
Pour in 1/2 cup of boiling water

(Optional Added ingredient – Maca Powder – 400mg)

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