Gary Weber · How to Practice · The Frogs Tongue

Quote from Vincent Horn posts on Gary Weber

My notes: Thisdialogue with Gary, and the offshoot discussion seems to be the classic case of the “Frogs Tongue”….. as far as i have experienced, if there were no frogs tongue, there would be no trace of “personality” in a human being. No statements to be made…..
The Frogs Tongue sticks to this, and then sticks to that…. it goes swinging through the jungle, grabbing onto this vine, then that vine… The Frogs Tongue has nothing to do with good or bad, it is simply “A PROCESS”……. this motion of swinging from vine to vine even constitutes “time as experienced by a human being” (one focus, and then the next focus). To discuss anything in a continuous manner requires the Frogs Tongue to follow the thread of the thought….. so it is a process, and has nothing to do with good or bad…

There is ONLY the Frogs Tongue sticking to something, the Frogs Tongue letting go of something, and the preparation between each of the two.

The overseer of this process is WATCHING……

The conundrum is….. as soon as “I” makes a statement, then “I” feels that it must defend the statement….. yet to make no statement is “wishy washy”, and not useful.

The potential problem here is “getting caught” with the Frogs Tongue…. when the vine has past, it is time to grab the next one. If we continue to hold onto the current vine, the swinging action stops, and stuckness begins…….

It does make almost all dialogue an act of redundancy….. in a way…. we want to keep swinging… this is the way of free flowing….. yet we also want to talk and say things… and talking is pretty much the same as “asking for stuckness”…..

Answer: As long as we are awake, the Frogs Tongue swings from vine to vine, and Watching is neither letting it become a separate entity, nor getting stuck ….. so Watching is the equivalent of swinging from vine to vine…… Watching is
(The definition of “Frogs Tongue” is: the focus of our attention in this moment)
(The definition of “vine” is: the “thing” or “topic” being held in our Frogs Tongue attention at this moment)

SO here is the discussion which happened between VIncent and Gary (Ends up being a “I am right and you are wrong” ego battle)

LOL reminds me of one of the more cynical passages from Jed McKenna:

“Spirituality hangs over the world like a pall, like an oily black smoke being pumped into the atmosphere by smokestacks sticking up from millions of churches and universities and monasteries and temples, from bookstands and magazine racks and websites. I look at you and I see a lifelong consumer of this smoke who now wants to get into the manufacturing and distribution end of the business.” — Jed McKenna, Spiritual Warfare.

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