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Human experience……. Let’s start from the beginning……..

….. to be continued…..

  • Every statement made, should really have a “codicil” … or a conditional clause such as “apparently”, or “it seems like” as the first word(s). This is because, there is nothing i know of that is so absolute or true, as to never change, nor to be so true that some other person or perspective could not make a statement to the contrary, or from a different point of view.

The statements being made here, are specifically referring to the human experience, but we know that all existing “things” have some sort of experiencing, whether it be dull or vague, aware, self-aware or some other “form of experiencing”.

  • Humans seem to be “aware-beings” or “self-aware-beings”.
  • Every aware-being seems to be experiencing a “this”.
  • It would seem that each self-aware-beings “this”, is the sum total of:
    • their “inner environment” – (some sort of individual experience, experienced inside their body or “realm”)
    • an “outer environment” – (some sort of other environment “outside” their individual awareness, experienced “outside” or “bumping into” their body or “inner realm”)
    • the meeting point between the two above environments, which seems to be the sensory “skin” – (the sensed location where they experience the seeming two environments meeting)
    • This sum total called “this” could be said to be “me”. (yes???)
  • Every aware-being seems to be experiencing a different “this” due to the individual nature of their “inner environment”.
  • This “this” gets translated into an aware-beings (or the experiencer’s) “language” in order for that human being can make sense of it, correlate it, adjust to it, react to it, etc.
  • Often, we call an aware-being’s inner environment “subjective experiencing”, as it is the product of their own inner environment, and can differ from one to another “aware-being’s” experiencing.
  • In contrast, often we call the outer environment “objective” as there SEEMS TO BE an actual environment “out there” which is not dependant on an experiencer’s “this”….. so perhaps it could be tentatively called “This”.
  • There seems to be “no proof” that these inner and outer environments are ACTUALLY separate, yet as human beings, we tend to experience our “this” in this way.

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