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Live Life Free of the Suffering of “Mind Chatter”

It IS possible to live life free of all that constant “Blah Blah Blah” of self-referential “I/Me/My” mental chattering. It is possible to live a life free of that.

No. 1 – fully realize that all the problems “I” chew on, do NOT have a hold on me. (they are like ice cubes which can dissolve in water…. poof…. where did they go!!??)

No. 2 – fully realize that “I” am the one who is holding onto the problems which “I” chew on. And it is that “I” who can drop them……

No. 3 – Find a workable method of deconstructing the “I” which is holding on to those things, and not willing to let them go. (Self-inquiry is the method that works for this person)

No. 4 – Start to let things go……. Self-inquiry finds a quiet place and patiently goes thru the steps of:
– listening acceptingly to the storyline…… completely,
– asking if the story is true or false, or blown out of proportion
– locating the place in the body where this issue is “knotting itself”.
– Asking if the “I” is willing to let go of the issue.
– If the “I” says no, ask if it can be dropped sometime in the future….. sometimes asking that question is enough for the “I” to say… “fine, lets let go of this and move ahead”.

– Note: if the physical “knot” disappears when you let the thing go, that is THE indicator that the issue has been dealt with.

No. 5 – Rinse and repeat……

No. 6 – Begin to experience the quietness that is available once that noisy “me and my problems” begins to melt away.

One note….. whenever one issue melts away, take a day off and let it settle in to a new freedom. A weird little self-doubt thing likes to play games, that says “that didn’t happen, you are fooling yourself” ….. when it does… just focus on the breath going in and out of your nostrils, and the little self-doubt thing will go “poof” too.

Anyone who knows me, knows that i can be quite the “chatterbox”….. and i can say in all honesty, that the quietness which this has brought into my inner life is truly amazing.

So, a person can continue suffering from mentally disparaging themselves and fighting constant disappointment and depression if they wish, or they start on a path to freedom. It is available to all…… free.

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